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Great artwork, great service, great food. What more could you ask for?!?

If you’re in Gulu and you’re a Muzungu (or any traveler), you’ve gotta check out the O Cafe! All of the employees were very kind, the bathrooms were clean, all the food was great (my friends and I went several times, ordered many different things, and enjoyed every meal), and there is great artwork for sale on the walls. I honestly want to return to Gulu someday just to visit the O Cafe again.

Joe L


Lovely restaurant

I took our local ambassador and his family to this newish restaurant in Gulu. It was excellent; great with the children. My sweet and sour pork was excellent and the children loved the ice cream. Nice decor and attentive service


Bristol, United Kingdom


Sure foods and friendly staffs

O cafe is an OASIS in Gulu for me and I heavly used during my stay in Gulu. As a foreigner I sometime feel unsure to eat fresh menus like salad in other restaurants, but here is an ideal place to charge vitamin. You will find variety options of mixed juices and coffee menus, which you do not find much even in Kampla. My group also enjoyed beef fillet steak, club sandwitch, spicy chicken curry (REALLY hot) etc. and all other food menus was awesome.


Tokyo Prefecture, Japan


Amazing Cafe

Great cafe! Great wifi! Incredible service and amazing food that you cannot get anywhere else in Gulu!

Jack K

Lexington, Virginia

 Great Coffee, Food and Internet in Gulu

Tucked in the rear of a modern building in central Gulu O Café has a quiet ambience suited for conversation and quiet work during the week….
On weekends it becomes a popular destination for the modern Gulu set especially on their Open Mic nights twice a month….

The staff are very welcoming and friendly plus good at their work!!

Geoff W


Lumaama Godfrey

October 30 at 3:48pm ·

For starters, you’d think that O Cafe is the most utterly charming eatery imaginable. It feels like you have stepped into a Paris time capsule, some bistro in a town (GULU) developing so fast and hopefully into a city. La Cafe is a rendezvous place. O cafe is the size of an average dining room that would be in your home, with walls filled with classic photos (the work of a Ugandan popular professional photographer) but the important thing about it is that the food is excellent not the way the place looks. You can’t judge anything without trying it…when you are in GULU don’t leave with eating at O Cafe…

Daniel Moses

June 24 ·

O Cafe’s reliable internet allowed me to complete work remotely for the University of Oklahoma while with students on a study abroad program. I highly recommend visiting O Cafe during your visit to Gulu! Ask for Tommy to be your server!

Marc Anthony O

October 16 at 9:14pm ·

Quite a homely atmosphere with loveable people. Good coffee, good food, and great service

 WilliamNatalie Bruck

September 2 ·

The establishment is first rate. It is very pleasant and roomy. The coffee and food is great. The service with Tony is awesome. Certainly recommend visiting white in Gulu town.

Apio Moro

August 26 ·

Good peoples, I loved the chicken roast mostly The customer care is on point and Paul is the funniest person ever!!!!



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